The One Percenters by John Podgursky

On March 22, I received an e-mail from someone I don’t know. But when I opened the message, I realized that an author has just mailed me. His name is John Podgursky and he asked me to review the book he wrote. And along the e-mail is a PDF file of his book attached.

The title of the book is The One Percenters and from there, I already had a feeling that it will be good.

Here’s the summary John has included in his e-mail:

Edward Caine survives his beloved wife, Jill, the seventh victim of a cunning serial killer.  During the grieving process, he notes that modern medicine and distorted economics have skewed survival odds within society.  Survival of the fittest has become defunct, with the weak and weak-minded allowed to pass on their genes, provided they are suitably funded.

Edward is predestined to become a one-percenter, an agent of nature given the job of eliminating the weaker persons from society.  He learns that his task requires the discipline to discern between the people he wishes would die and those who should.  Eventually, after physical torment and psychological struggle, Edward makes a final stand on an isolated beach before being taken away by authorities and awaiting his own court-ordered death.

The One Percenters is reflective in nature, and challenges the social and religious differences among all of us.

From the first chapter, John was able to quickly catch my attention with the way he wrote the story. My first thought was, “Is Edward a bad guy? Why was he tying that girl in a tree?” Turned out, Edward is one of the few people who are known to be “The One Percenters” whose main goal is to eliminate those who are weak, and keep the world from having people who are not strong enough to live in it.

This novella was thrilling and exciting, and those feelings made me keep on turning pages and continue reading it. The story was really interesting and is something new for me. However, somewhere in the mid part of the book, the story started to become dull. Almost every details was revealed in a way that made me shudder a little less than I did in the first part.

But Edward’s character is fully developed. I felt like the emotions the character was feeling were real. Maybe it was because John wrote it in a way that as if Edward was really talking to the reader. John made me think so much with this character–something that I really liked, and didn’t like at the same time. Liked because it was challenging, but didn’t like because it was draining. Edward was insane, and that’s even more draining, but his madness made the novella even better.

The story is really dark but I guess I can’t complain. I was told by John himself that it was a psychological thriller. But having said that, I enjoyed reading the book.  It was great, and somehow scary, to enter the world and mind of a man who has lost his hold in this world. Especially that this book was well-written by John. The way he described the events is brilliant and realistic, and is intruguing. That’s the reason why I kept turning pages to this one, after all.

If you are looking to read something fresh and different, I recommend you all to buy and read this book. I’m rating this one 4 out of 5 stars.


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