Long or Short Reviews, What Do You Prefer?

[Image from ©Ali M. Abougazia’s DA page]

I happened to pass by on my co-Filipino Book Bloggers member’s blog, Chachic, and saw her post regarding the length of reviews reviewers make and I want to share what I think about it.

Like what she said, each bloggers has his or her own way of writing a review. And I have my own way as well. In my case, I make my reviews not too long because people, generally, I guess, doesn’t like reading really long reviews. I based it on myself. Like me before I went to book blogging, whenever I read reviews written by book bloggers, I skip the long ones and look for a shorter review because I only want to know the basic elements of the story and not know how the story really goes. Most of the reviews I’ve read in the past, the long ones I’m talking about, contains spoilers. And it takes away the thrill of my reading if from the beginning, I already know what’s really gonna happen.

I’m not saying that I’m already saying no to the possibility of me writing longer reviews. What I’m trying to say is that I, both as a reader and book blogger, prefer reviews long enough to explain the basic elements of the story, the description of the characters, and that expresses the emotion the book blogger felt while reading the book. Also, I prefer reviews which are spoiler-free, and I’d rather read reviews that talks not only about the books but talks about the blogger’s ideas as well about what else he/she thinks the author could’ve done to make the story more effective.

Reviewers sometimes forget to keep their reviews spoiler-free (and I also do forget it at times) and this is something, in my opinion, we should try to prevent.

Ab uno disce omnes,

Lee M. 🙂


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