Love Your Frenemies by Mina V. Esguerra

It’s no secret how much I admire Mina V. Esguerra as an author. That is why when I heard that Love Your Frenemies is already out, I started bugging the closest of my friends to let me borrow freakin’ $0.99 to buy this e-book using their credit card as I don’t have one. Sad but true. But on the lighter note, a friend (my LL) let me use hers (or was that her sister’s). I quickly jumped to Smashwords’ website, bought it, and that’s how I got my happy ending.

Or was that it?

No, of course. My happy ending happened after I read LYF. I read Mina’s book and it was very satisfactory! From Mina’s blog, here’s the summary:

Kimmy Domingo was the kind of girl everyone hated and envied — until her fiancé dumped her a week before their wedding. Soon after, she quit her job, hopped on a plane, and just hid from everyone who knew her. A year later and she’s back in Manila to be maid of honor at a wedding she can’t miss.
Kimmy’s home because she’s ready to start over, but she also knows that some people at that wedding were responsible for the mess her life turned out to be. The first step to recovery? Cutting off the ones who caused her troubles to begin with: her best friend and her first love.

Kimmy Domingo was that girl I used to describe on my previous review as “that bitch” of My Imaginary Ex, Mina’s first published book. And I’ve got to say, I really hated her on that story where she played the antagonist. That’s why when I learned that Mina’s writing a novella about her, where she’s going to play as the protagonist, I immediately asked myself, “How is Mina going to pull that one off?”

But I never doubted Mina’s writing skills. Instead, I waited for its release, bought it, and read it! That’s how I’ve learned more about Kimmy; why is she acting that way, and what made her be the person she was. Turned out, Kimmy was a self-confessed bitch. She chooses friends, laugh at people, and only befriend some people she thought she could use. And those friendships didn’t really last long. There are only few people in her life that sticked to her ’til the end: Chesca (her evil stepsister) and Isabel (the good stepsister).

But being a bitch was so last year. She wanted a change, and that would happen if she will be able to get rid of her evil stepsister, and her first love who keeps on coming back and hurting her again. But what stops her? That would be Manolo — the guy she’s been in love with since they were kids and she couldn’t get over with, and the guy who thinks her running away and wanting to abandon these people close to her to be able to change is selfish.

But what is so selfish with wanting to gain her life back, and change the way life was like for her before? Well, she was gone in the country for a year, and a lot of things can happen in a year.

I loved Love Your Frenemies. As always, the story is believable, the characters are relatable, and the storyline is consistent. And Kimmy? Who would have thought that she’ll make a great protagonist? Well, not me. That’s why I’m so surprised to see how Mina was able to let Kimmy wear that title with her heads up, and no sign that it was done in force. Everything went as smoothly as they should be.  And Kimmy somehow reminded me of Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf. The kind of character who is “a bitch but with a heart”. And Manolo (this name almost made me laugh but it really suit him well, I must say, that made me think that laughing about it is funnier than his name)… I like Manolo. He can be described as “a player turned serious guy”.

I’m looking forward to Mina’s next novel! And I’m hoping that this story would get a sequel. I want to know what’s in store for “Kimmynolo”.

I really recommend you guys to buy this e-book on Amazon, or Smashwords! It’s really fun following the story, and it holds great values! You don’t have to read My Imaginary Ex to be able to understand this story. This deserves a five star rating out of five! Cheers!



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3 responses to “Love Your Frenemies by Mina V. Esguerra

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  2. Thank you for the review, Lee! It’s great to see your reaction, as I wasn’t sure if anyone would care about Kimmy at all. 🙂

    • Really? Well, how can we not care about her? You made her “a little bit” likeable… And mind you, that “a little bit” is such a big deal for someone as complex as Kimmy! Medyo bitin nga lang for me yung sa love story nila Kimmy at Manolo. I’m a sucker for love stories kasi. 🙂

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