The Forbidden Game: The Hunter by LJ Smith

After her plan to host a swimming party for her boyfriend (Tom Locke) ruined, Jenny Thorton had to think of other plan to make the night alive, and to make her friends (Audrey Myers, Dee Eliade, Michael Cohen, Zack Taylor, and Summer Parker-Pearson) feel alive at the same time. On a rough side of their town, Jenny finds a mysterious game shop and bought a board game from a stranger whom she described to be “beautiful in the most exotic, uncanny way imaginable” and with “eyes as blue as the core of the flame”. His name was Julian and little did Jenny know, he is the Prince of the Shadows, and that once the game she bought from him is built, it will be her and her friends’ new reality, and they’d have to fight to win the game. After all, to lose the game is to lose their lives…

The Hunter is the first book for The Forbidden Game trilogy, and is written by my personal favorite, LJ Smith! The whole series is written in a single book, and it is so thick that I’ve decided to divide the review into three, by its books. And here’s the first one.

I just finished reading The Hunter and it was awesome! It lures you into it because of its fantastic writing, and the characters are all likable! I had always loved The Secret Circle because it was written amazingly and I didn’t know LJ Smith will be able to come up with another amazing story like this.

Like the other heroines of LJ Smith, Jenny is beautiful and is a fighter — something which made me love her. And pretty much like Damon, the infamous character of The Vampire Diaries, Julian is a self-absorbed, impertinent, and a seductive troublemaker. But unlike what other people call him, I think of him as an antihero more than an antagonist. I liked the two of them — from Jenny’s stubbornness to Julian looking like a bad guy but is always there to protect Jenny from all harm. Who wouldn’t drool for someone like that? Anyone? No? Okay!

From the moment I got hold of this  book, I was never able to put it down. It holds a story that is interesting, clever, and unique. It kept me turning pages the whole time I was reading it. It was just plain different. The only thing that made me want to put the book down for a while was the slow-paced narrative in some parts of it. But overall, the book is great. It’s definitely worth your time. For those who are thinking not to read the book because of its thickness, DON’T! You have no idea what you’re missing! From the plot to the wordings by LJ Smith, you definitely can’t go wrong! This get’s five out of five stars from me!

Watch out for my review for the second book. That’d be after I’d read that, and after another busy schedule. 🙂



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3 responses to “The Forbidden Game: The Hunter by LJ Smith

  1. The Girl of the Shadows

    I read this book when I was a kid and more than ten years later I still love it. I’m hoping that someone in Hollywood will have the foresight to turn this into a movie. I always fancied Ryan Phillippe in the role of Julian but he may be a little too old now. What do other people think?

  2. jen jonas

    I’d love too see it as a mini tv movie. Love l.j.’s books

  3. jj love

    that cute blond guy from the secret circle could play the lead julian’s role!
    they should make this into a tv or movie thang -the forbidden games trilogy was awesome!!!!

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