Table For Two by Marla Miniano


Marla Miniano has returned after her successful Every Girl’s Guide series, now with Table for Two.

Table for Two is consisted of five different stories with titles Fresh, Timeout, All The Best, This Closure, and finally Table for Two.

The book began with Fresh which is about a long-time couple, Mandy and Tristan, and how their relationship will come to an end. Then Timeout, like what the title wants us to think, is a story of Jill, a teacher, who was challenged by her brother to go dateless for some time. All the Best, on the other hand, is about best friends Blake and Carl; and why Carl would try to stop Blake’s getting married with Vicky. Then This Closure is Lucas’ story about not being able to get over with Bettina. And last but never the least, Table for Two is about Mandy again, waiting for her turn to fall in love.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything great from this book. Even when deciding whether to buy this book or not, I was thinking more of “not” because of its cheesy tagline: Where love will find you. But I bought it anyways since I loved its cover. I set my hopes low for this since I found out that this consists of different story because for a small book like this, having many stories means not being able to build up its characters in the reader’s mind. But to my surprise, it was a good read. Not much of a breathtaking moments but it’s satisfactory. Maybe its simplicity is what helped make this book worth the read unlike those other stories which is too complex for the readers to understand.

I’ll be giving this book a three-star-rating out of five and I recommend you guys to read it. It’s worth it, I swear.


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