The Secret Circle (Books 1-3) by LJ Smith

LJ Smith, who is currently known to be the author of The Vampire Diaries series,  has proven herself yet one more time that she’s the author to be watched out for – both by the other authors and the readers – when it comes to teen, fantasy-romance series.

The Secret Circle is basically about Cassie Blake, a normal, shy girl who moved to New Salem from California with her mom. In New Salem, she lived with her mom and grandmother at the Crowhaven Road. Soon, she discovered that everyone who lives in the 12 houses of Crowhaven Road are all witches, united together in a secret club with 12 members in it, including herself. The club is consisted of Diana Meade, a girl who she treats to be her sister, and who is the leader of The Club; Faye Chamberlain, Diana’s cousin, the tormentor of Cassie, and the one running to be the next leader of The Club; Adam Conant, the guy Diana’s dating and who Cassie harbours secret feelings; Nick Armstrong, the one who never cared about anything until he fell in love with Cassie; Chris and Doug Henderson, twins who loves tormenting Cassie at first but became her friends sooner, and who are searching for justice and revenge after the murder of their younger sister, Kori Henderson; Deborah Armstrong, Nick’s cousin who’s side is on Faye, who used to give Cassie a hard time but became close to her afterwards; Suzan Whittier, one of Faye’s minions; Laurel Quincey and Melanie Glaser, two of Diana’s loyal followers; and Sean Dulany, the one who seemed to be the youngest and vulnerable of all.

The story is exhilarating and absorbing. From the first book (The Initiation) where Cassie’s still figuring out who she really is in New Salem, to the second book (The Captive) where Cassie learned how to use her powers and where she becomes bolder and braver, up to its third book (The Power) where she learned the whole truth about herself, and the biggest secret about her family.

I, as a reader, never loved reading paranormal books but this is an exception. I had never read any story like this. It is fast-paced and will leave you wanting for more. Even with the supernatural features of the story, everything about it felt authentic and relatable because Cassie’s feelings and sentiments are reasonable, and the way the LJ Smith wrote it was very compelling.

And what’s more special about it is that the story, even though it revolves around Cassie, is not all about Cassie. It’s also about the other members of the club and the secondary characters. It tackles about how the past is affecting the present time and how in the present time can they undo what has done in the past.

LJ Smith is a genius. From the great execution of the story, to the fact that she knows her characters very well, you can never go wrong with her. In conclusion, The Secret Circle is definitely worth the time. I still haven’t found any teen books that are worth checking out apart from this.

This series deserves a five-star rating out of five!



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4 responses to “The Secret Circle (Books 1-3) by LJ Smith

  1. mae

    can i ask if the three books are still available in the philippines? i really want to but so badly…thanks!

    • Hi Mae,

      I’m not sure about that. As far as I can recall, the last time I was in a bookstore was a week ago. I think I caught a glimpse of the Secret Circle book in on of the shelves. Better check NBS and Powerbooks. They always have stock. Just ask the person at the cashier. 🙂

  2. Sarah J. Reynolds

    Can I please know now the ORIGINAL books that L.J smith wrote on ‘The secret circle’ series. I’ve looked for hours and I have not found out which book I should start with. The order nor which ones Mrs.Smith has written. Any recommendations? Help a reading lover out.

  3. it’s already 2014 but i really want the full collection, can you perhaps tell me if you know anyone who is willing to sell it at reasonable price? I’ve been mall hunting for the past 4 months but still a no. PLEASE!!!! my email is and my number is 09272427066. please, if you know anyone, please tell me!!!

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