Girl Meets World by Claire Betita de Guzman

Though it was clearly written on the description that this isn’t Claire Betita de Guzman’s debut novel, this is the first one of her books that I was able to read. And I’m giving this novella a three-star-rating because, to be honest, it didn’t satisfy me.

Girl Meets World is about Mia Tupas’ adventure to three different countries, namely Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, in search for the answer to her question: Is Leo The One? Leo is that guy she met just weeks ago and she started, apologies for my term, obsessing about him.

I thought Girl Meets World is unrealistic — story-wise — but somehow intriguing. The way the author wrote it was so compelling. But going back to unrealistic. I mean, is there really any girl nowadays who would dare go to three different countries to follow a guy she only had the chance to meet once, who she only had chatted with over the internet, and who kept on blowing her off on their supposedly meetings? But having said that, the story was quite fun to read. It didn’t bore me to my surprise. And I loved the characters of Joanna, Nick, and Masha.

In conclusion, Girl Meets World is still worth the read. After all, it’s a fiction so the unconvincing story about a girl following a guy she barely know to three different countries is forgivable. And I think this isn’t the last of it. I guess?


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