Vince’s Life series (Books 1, 2, & 3) by Vince O. Teves

A man writing a chick-lit series? On a guy’s point of view? Is that even possible?

Yes, it is! That would be everybody’s answer. And that would be yours, too, especially if you’d able to, or you already had read the Vince’s Life series written by a guy under the pseudonym of Vince O. Teves. From the moment I’ve heard of its title, I knew that it’s an autobiography… only that it doesn’t talk about his whole life as an author and accomplishments but about his love adventures and his close-to-a-lifetime search for “The One”.

Let’s begin with the first book: Vince’s Life. It started out when Vince was still on college, having the time of his life, doing what a normal guy would do. And that’s what’s good about it. He’s spending time with his friends, at school or at other place, and spending time crushing on someone. You get to see what usually happens in the everyday life of a college guy, you get to know the way he thinks, and the fact how romantic this college guy is. Sometimes (or most of the time rather), he seemed to be too good to be true, and I think that that’s one of the greatest formula of a chick lit–letting girls experience the things that guys don’t usually do, or say, through reading. I think that it’s one of the reasons why the first book has been patronized by a lot of women of all ages.

The second book, Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter: Getting Over Andrea (long title, I know), has been published years after the first one was. But it wasn’t a problem for me because I just read the first book when my friends let me borrow it and by that time, Getting Over Andrea has just been published. Having said that, the vibe that the character had on the first book remained the same on the second book. I mean, they’ve matured, they got jobs, and they’ve moved on with college (well, not really that much) but the feel the characters are giving are just the same. And there are a lot of new characters, the fact that the story is on its new setting. One major character was introduced: Cat–the girl who would make Vince fall in love for the second time. And what I loved about her character is that in my mind, she seemed to be so simple but the impact of her character was so big. And with her, Vince just seemed to become a much better character than he was with Andrea. (He was pathetic…)

And the last book (for now, I guess) is Vince’s Life: The Wedding. There’s much less twitterpated moments in here in my own honest opinion. It’s all about Vince’s adventure on the home of Liberty, United States, for Connie’s wedding, his best friend, but he ended up deciding whether he should really end up with Andrea, who’s still residing at the US of A, or should he be with Cat, who he’s not with anymore in this book. I wouldn’t tell you who he chose to be with but it was quite a story, and it’s a good one. I’d recommend you all people to buy this book but it didn’t had much spark in its story unlike the first two. But it’s real-life story. Every moment doesn’t have a cliffhanger that will lead us to a much better story, right? There will always be ups and downs in life.

So please do buy this series. It’s published by Summit Books, an imprint of Summit Media. They got a lot of great books there. This is one of those.

And before I’d forget, I’m giving the first and second book five-stars, while the third one will get a very humble three-star rating from me.



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16 responses to “Vince’s Life series (Books 1, 2, & 3) by Vince O. Teves

  1. Jason Derulo

    Nice les 🙂 keep it up

  2. j0sh

    just want 2 ask of u know wer can i find the book 1 of vince’s life??

  3. Hello! I have already read all of it, though I lost my book 1 and 2. I’m looking for it for a long time and still can’t find one. Is it already phased out or what? I really want to have a copy again. Where can I get one?

  4. rachel

    Where can I buy the copy of book 3? tried looking for it in National bookstore but can’t seem to find one.

  5. Reblogged this on bibliokleptomaniac and commented:
    This is the series I really really really like and I am desperate to find!!!!! The first one is out of print I guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jennifer

    i badly want the first book!

  7. jennifer

    wer can i get a copy of the first book?? nowhere to be found na 😦

  8. april halili

    i bought the 2nd and 3rd book at NBS Megamall.

  9. i want to have a copy of the first book.. sad to say cant find any.
    if you have one, willing to buy it. 09161565069

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  11. nojerk

    Do you have an eBook for these? Can’t find anywhere

  12. Been seeing these books at 7-Eleven Magazine racks. At php175 as of this writing. Got “She’s dating a gangster” at same price too.

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